About Lizzi Wolf

LIZZI WOLF is a writer and college instructor, born in Detroit, Michigan, and currently living in Tucson, Arizona. More about Lizzi



Lizzi has a Ph.D. & M.A. from University of Michigan in American Culture and a B.A. in English & Creative Writing from Oberlin College.


Lizzi is an online instructor of Children’s Literature and American Popular Culture for Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. She taught American cultural history and Film Studies at University of Michigan from 1998-2000 and English at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina from 2010-2013.

Student comments:

Professor Wolf is “extremely organized and clear with her students. . . . She makes the course [as] engaging as it can be even though it is online. . . . I like most that she asks her students to give a lot of personal history when writing discussions or essays[.] [I]t makes a difference when as a student I feel like my professor wants to know how I connect to the things I am learning even if we aren’t face to face. Professor Wolf is an amazing professor and even though I have never personally met her I know just by the way she structures her course she cares about students success because she makes everything so incredibly clear and is there for her students when [we] need [her]. . . . If I were to give her class a grade it would be A++!!” (Endicottt College student official evaluation of Lizzi’s course in Literature for Children, ENG-312-03, Spring Term 2020)


Lizzi is seeking representation for a series of children’s picture books that feature biographies of famous scientists, freedom fighters and musical craftsmen as well as fictional stories that address real-life issues facing children today.


Lizzi has completed two Middle Grade novel manuscripts.


Lizzi’s flash-fictions have been published in nationally recognized literary journals.


Lizzi’s novella, set in an insane asylum in 19th century Paris, was published in the Seattle Review in 2013.


Lizzi’s short story “The Terrible Expression” was awarded the Knut House Press Insanity Fiction prize in 2015.


Lizzi is a 1998 Hopwood Award winner in screenwriting.


Lizzi’s stage play, The Strawberry & the Kaiser, was performed in staged readings in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Paris, France.


Lizzi had published dozens of film reviews.


Lizzi read an excerpt from her novella as part of an off-site event at the 2014 AWP Conference in Seattle.

Lizzi attended the SCBWI-Florida mid-year workshop in Orlando in 2017.

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