Technical Writing

Lizzi initiated and completed a 3-year project to research, design, write, edit, and implement a 12-volume Company Manual for the Ann Arbor Credit Bureau (now Arbor Professional Solutions), resulting in PPMS (Professional Practices Management System) certification – equivalent to ISO-9000 – adapted to meet the specific needs of the collections industry.

Film Reviews

Lizzi has written dozens of film reviews for:

  • The Ann Arbor Observer
  • The Current Entertainment Guide

Digitial/online marketing content

Digital & print reference content

Lizzi wrote/edited over 300 literary reference articles for online databases and print encyclopedias published by Gale (a Cengage company). 

Below is an excerpt from a 20-page reference entry Lizzi wrote, on A Hunger Artist” by Franz Kafka, including an original article, “Kafka’s Hunger, Kafka’s Art” published in Short Stories for Students, Vol. 7.

(Note: My bylines published before 2008 are identified as Liz Brent.)

Professional Emails

As an instructor and self-employed freelance writer, Lizzi has written and received thousands of professional emails. Here is an Email I wrote to my U.K. advertising contacts, offering condolences on the death of their Queen:

Hi, Lucy:

I just wanted to let you know my heart goes out to the Royal Family and the British people on the passing of your amazing Queen.

Everyone I know here in the U.S. was following her health condition closely, and I’ve spoken to people of all ages and backgrounds who expressed sincere sadness at her passing. A young store clerk I happened to be speaking to when the news came out said, “We thought she was going to live forever!”

And, although my family is thoroughly American, my grandmother always had a decorative plate with a portrait of the Queen hanging in her bedroom. My Mom, who was 15 at the time of her coronation, cried when she heard the news. There will never be another like her! 

Fiction Awards

Lizzi was awarded First Place in the 2021 Chanticleer short fiction contest for an earlier draft of her short historical novel Citizen Louis-Charles.

Lizzi was shortlisted for the 2016 Gertrude Warner Book Awards for Middle Grade Fiction for her novel manuscript, Ice Bear Island.

Lizzi was awarded First Place in the 2016 Knut House Press Insanity Fiction Prize for her short story, “The Terrible Expression.”

Playwriting Awards

  • Lizzi’s stage play, The Strawberry & the Kaiser was awarded a staged reading by The Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Playing Around New Plays Festival (July 2008).
  • The following year, The Strawberry & the Kaiser was awarded a table reading by The Performance Network Fireside Festival of New Works (March 2009) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
  • That summer, The Strawberry & the Kaiser was also given a staged reading by MovingParts at an Irish pub in Paris, France. (June 2009) 

Screenwriting Award

Lizzi is a 1998 Hopwood Award winner for her feature length screenplay Taxi Girl.

Television Criticism

Lizzi (Liz Brent) co-authored “Postmodernism & Television: Speaking of Twin Peaks” in Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks (Wayne State University Press, 1995).


Lizzi’s dissertation, “Domestic Horrors: Family Values & the Intruder Film, 1987-1997,” was nominated for a Rackham Graduate School distinguished dissertation award. 

Lizzi has created all of her own marketing content/design work to promote her novels, including the Amazon author page & title page description below.