20170812_122953Lizzi is seeking agent representation for SKELETON PEAK, as well as for her upcoming MG and YA novel manuscripts.

 SKELETON PEAK is a 25,000 word Middle Grade wilderness adventure novel about 12-year-old Rosie Montaigne, suffering from anxiety disorder in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident, who rescues a polar bear cub from poachers and climbs a mountain while evading the man determined to recapture them.

Rosie’s fast-paced adventure takes place over the course of three harrowing days, as she reflects back on her six-month process of recovery, from amputation to anxiety attacks. 

SKELETON PEAK is a genre-crossing novel that integrates elements of the wilderness adventure (in the spirit of Hatchet) with the disability empowerment story (in the spirit of Wonder), as Rosie discovers that the grit she has developed as an amputee has become her greatest strength, and that nurturing another creature is sometimes the best way to nurture yourself.


Sections of SKELETON PEAK that describe the experience of being a new amputee and adapting to a prosthetic leg have been written in consultation with amputee and occupational therapist Christina Stephens.

Christina is known for her popular YouTube channel AmputeeOT which features over 100 videos, has over 35,000 subscribers, and totals over 11 million views. Christina’s Lego Leg video, which has over 6 million views, is referenced in SKELETON PEAK.

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