Christine Hoberg as Anna Freud in a staged reading of The Strawberry & the Kaiser at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre in July 2008.


Lizzi’s stage play about the meeting of the young Anna Freud and the woman who would become her life companion, was given staged readings by the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Playing Around New Plays Festival (July 2008), the Performance Network Fireside Festival of New Works (March 2009) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and MovingParts (June 2009) in Paris, France.  

Comments on The Strawberry & the Kaiser from Oyamo (Charles F. Gordon), University of Michigan Dept. of Theatre & Drama:

The Strawberry & the Kaiser is a  noteworthy play in final progress about the relationship between Freud and his daughter. The play successfully has come a long way from being merely an intriguing idea to a blossoming play about a young woman who defies traditional familial expectations, making choices that lead to her independent womanhood and personal orientations, socially and sexually.

This provocative and informative play is ready for the next step: the collaboration inherent in the production process. . . . The Strawberry & the Kaiser showed me that Freud was human and that he was in desperate need of psychoanalysis. I urge theatres to seriously consider this play for production.”


  1. I saw the staged reading of the play at the Ann Arbor Civic Theater. The development and the well researched details of the subject were wonderfully presented. Excellent play! Should be fully presented.

  2. I recall this staged reading (in Ann Arbor) as a moving and thoughtful piece, that got a lot of enthusiasm from the audience. Ranged from humor to poignancy, and solidly based on careful research into the characters. A wonderful different view of Freud’s family.

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