“The Terrible Expression” * “Notes from a Good Little Sister” * Aphorisms is a compilation of short fiction, micro-fiction and prose, conceived, written, and revised over a period of 25 years (1997-2022).

“The Terrible Expression” a short novella:

There once was a girl who was born with a Terrible Expression on her face. To those skeptics who insist babies are not born with expressions, I say to you consider the following: Her own mother refused to accept her birth-photo.

The girl herself learned of this fact at a rather early age, when she discovered a photograph of her brother at birth and promptly asked where her own birth picture might be found. Her mother, who sat on the couch reading a parenting magazine, off-handedly replied that there was none. When the girl asked, Why? her mother answered that a picture had been taken, and the nurse had offered it to her, but that she had refused it.
The girl—as children are wont to do–abruptly dropped this line of questioning and proceeded to pound on her baby brother’s head with a blue plastic hammer. . . . . (continued . . . )

Notes from a Good Little Sister : 15 Vignettes about growing up in Detroit and the suburbs during the 1970’s:

Once upon a time when Dad went on sabbatical we moved from Detroit to Kyoto but it was September 1969 the professor he planned to collaborate with had both legs broken by a student radical who fell out of the tower they were occupying and landed on him so instead of teaching and research Dad studied Zen at the temple with Master Kobori and Mom fed me nori rolls one by one in the bamboo and rice paper house with the golden Buddha that was black from a thousand years of incense long ago when I called yesterday The Day that Walked Away.

9 Aphorisms for life in the 21st Century:

They say clothes make the man but you gotta’ take’em off to make the baby.

“Girl Reading: An annotated bibliography”

There was the book about the girl who had to wear a back brace from her collarbone to her tailbone for three years but in the end she got kissed leaning up against a washing machine in the basement of a party; and the one about the girl who got pregnant and decided to keep the baby and she was so poor she couldn’t buy her favorite brand of shampoo any more until finally she changed her mind and gave up the baby for adoption; and the one about the girl who was in love with her high school history teacher but then she got gonorrhea from some guy in another town and her teacher came to the rescue by driving her to the VD clinic; and the one about the young woman in a plane crash that was based on a true story with her boyfriend and some other guy and her boyfriend died right away but the other guy was injured and couldn’t move except he kept trying to slide his hand up her thigh until he bled to death . . . .