Lizzi’s flash fiction, verse and prose poetry have been published in nationally recognized literary journals.


Lizzi’s 14-word love story, CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN, was selected for the Short on Sugar, High on Honey anthology, to be published by Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press, which also publishes the Vestel Review. 


“BLUE FROG” (verse) was published in Postcard Poems & Prose (2016).

“NOTES FROM A GOOD LITTLE SISTER” (flash fiction), Pleiades (Summer 2016)


“THE UGLY AMERICANS (KYOTO, 1969)” (verse), Worcester Review (Fall 2015)

“MOONLIGHT IN MILFORD” (verse), Pembroke Magazine (spring 2015)


“ANALYSIS TERMINABLE & INTERMINABLE” (verse), Midwest Quarterly (Fall 2104)

“SLEEPOVER,” “MAGIC POTION” & “MOVING” (quick-fictions), Boston Literary Magazine (Summer 2014)


“READING” (prose poem), Silt Reader (Issue 9, 2006)


“ZEN” (verse), 360 Degrees (Oct. 2004)

“THE MAGIC SPELL,” “THE STATION WAGON,” “LIVING TOGETHER” &  “THE GRAVESTONE” (prose poems), Parting Gifts (Vol. 17, No. 2: 2004)

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