Lizzi was born in Detroit and grew up in Milford, Michigan. She holds a B.A. in English and creative writing from Oberlin College. After college, Lizzi moved to Ann Arbor, where she worked as a clerk at a natural foods coop, a waitress at a bar, and an academic secretary, before starting graduate school.

Lizzi holds a Ph.D. in American culture from University of Michigan. She taught courses in Hollywood cinema and American popular culture at University of Michigan and courses in English literature at Greenville Technical College in SC.

Lizzi’s fiction publications include a novella, a short story, and 16 flash fictions. Her work has appeared in nationally recognized literary journals, including Seattle Review and Boston Literary Magazine. She has authored hundreds of literary reference articles for online databases published by the Gale Group, as well as film reviews for local periodicals.

Lizzi currently teaches Literature for Children to Early Childhood Education students at Endicott College in Beverly, MA – for three years in person, and now online from her new home in Florida. Lizzi lives with her husband Len and their pets, Tasha and Kitty.

Lizzi’s goal is to write a novel a year for the rest of her life. When she dies, she wants a Viking funeral.