Emails & Course Evaluation Comments from Lizzi’s students:

“Through Lizzi, I’ve found my voice as a writer.”

(Adult enrichment student, 2009)

Professor Wolf . . . “makes the course [as] engaging as it can be even though it is online. . . .

(Endicott College student, Spring 2020)

“I know just by the way she structures her course she cares about students success because she makes everything so incredibly clear.”

(Endicott College student, Spring 2020)

“I found your class to be challenging and enjoyable in equal measure.”

(Greenville Tech student, Spring 2009)

[I]t makes a difference when as a student I feel like my professor wants to know how I connect to the things I am learning even if we aren’t face to face. . . .

(Endicott College student, Spring 2020)

“Dr. Wolf is the most organized teacher I have EVER had by a million miles, this really helps unorganized people like me stay on track.”

(Greenville Tech student, Fall 2011)

“I dropped out of high school thinking that I would never return to any form of education. Being in your class helped bolster my confidence about this new journey that I was taking in my life.”

(Greenville Tech student, Fall 2010)

“You have taught me so much . . . even about myself, believe it or not.”

(Greenville Tech student, Fall 2012)

“Dr. Wolf . . . . needs to teach other instructors her teaching methods!”

(Greenville Tech student, Fall 2012)

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