Citizen Louis-Charles: A novel based on the brief life of Louis XVII

“The boy is so charming, and his situation so awful, the reader cannot give up hoping for small mercies. — Professor Michael Brent, Washington University

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After his father, Louis XVI, and mother, Marie-Antoinette, are beheaded in the French Revolution, 8-year-old King Louis XVII is sealed into a pitch-dark closet and isolated from all human contact.

Struggling to survive the darkness, silence, and loneliness, Louis tries to make sense of the cataclysmic events—beginning in 1789, when he was 4 years old—that led to the destruction of his cherished family.

As he endures the brutal consequences of his father’s misguided reign, the young king wonders why the French people hated his parents so much and how he might rise above their moral failings.